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Motion Graphic video Remotec

Very excited to share this motion graphic project I've been working on for the last few months! For my work at De Videonauten I made an animation video that shows the wide range of products and services of Remotec. Through this video you can discover what Remotec has to offer as a total partner for your indoor and outdoor company site.

It was a pleasure to make this project from start to finish. First we brainstormed about the concept, determining the illustration style within the corporate identity and outlining the scenario. Then I illustrated and animated each scene. I designed over 70 products and 11 different indoor and outdoor spaces. By using isometric perspective, I brought a 3D dimension to the illustrated environment to make the products easily recognizable. In order to stimulate an extra sense, I eventually supported this video with audio design.

Such a lovely project to work on. Projects like this make me long for more in the future!

Syntra West Animations

It's always nice to see your projects appear online while scrolling through social media. For the information days for training courses of Syntra West I designed a dynamic video from static photos. From their branding with the round icons I designed flowing transitions that are in motion according to circles. To set the mood of the video we supported this with a nice tune and a sweet voice-over.

Westtoer video's

For Westtoer we released videos on various walking and cycling routes, where you can get to know the beautiful nature and nice places of the region. These videos required motion graphics such as lower-third, locations, intro and outro, which I animated to display the necessary information. Definitely recommended to explore these routes!

Logo animation

For the branding of De Videonauten I designed a logo animation for the intro of videos. The spaceship logo transforms into a play button that then starts the video and is a reference to what De Videonauten do, which is making videos for web, television and cinema.

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De Videonauten

From now on I will work in the space station of De Videonauten! 🚀 De Videonauten is a company in Kortrijk BE that makes videos for web, television and cinema. As a Motion Graphic Designer, I will design and animate illustrations for different companies to display their message, products or services. I help with editing videos and all kinds of creative things. I look forward to start this new chapter and I hope to work on great projects.

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Graduated in Digital Design & Development

I have great news, I just obtained my bachelor's degree in Digital Design & Development at Devine Howest! In May 2020 I took my last lessons and to complete my education I did my internship in September as a digital designer at Once Storytelling in Ghent. This was a fantastic experience and keeps me looking forward to what future design projects will bring.

By combining different design aspects, such as illustration, audio, UI and motion design, I create interactive digital experiences. I try to stimulate all senses so that it elevates the user experience. I have been captivated with a variety of art activities from an early age. Over the years I have learned to produce music / sound effects and to make illustrations on paper. After obtaining my professional education as a webdesigner, I continued to explore the digital world and started my bachelor at Devine. My Devine education has broadened my knowledge to digitize my illustrations, to animate and to create attractive UI designs.

In the future, I hope to continue to combine these different design aspects to realize interactive stories and create full service digital experiences for companies and organizations.

Once Storytelling recap

Excited to share a glimpse of what I've been working on and my experiences for the past three months during my internship as a digital designer at Once Storytelling. I worked on various projects and for different clients. For this I explored my skills such as visual design, motion design, graphic & UI design.

My internship went differently as expected. Because of the covid situation I had to telework most of the time from my home office. Strange times, looking forward to going out together again. Despite this situation, I was able to work on great projects and had a fantastic time. A good work spirit and great colleagues made it go smoothly.

Thanks to Once Storytelling and Leap Forward team for this wonderful experience! I have summarized all my internship assignments in a page, be sure to check it out.

Hack The Future 2020

I had so much fun working on Hack the Future 2020. Hack The Future is an experience-driven hackathon in a unique location that brings students together to hack, design and experiment with innovative technology. Due to the Covid crisis the organisation was forced to cancel the physical event and instead opted for a fully digital edition. For this 7th edition we made a truly memorable storytelling experience for the students to be blown away by, all in the theme of The Fellowship of Code.

With the Once Storytelling team we provided visuals and gadgets. I made the design for the socks and stickers that the participants received with the goodie-bag and I designed the label of the winners cup. I arranged visual assets for the Thola environment and made social media assets. It was really cool to see the designs come to life.

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Exellys Hack Smart

The participants of the Hack Smart hackathon from Exellys had to come up with a concept to tackle a particular problem. They work on this for a week in different teams and at the end try to convince the jury by presenting their concept.

I helped a team visualize their concept by designing some screens of their application. The application offers support to employees of a company, to keep up with and improve their skills and to engage employees in suitable projects. I designed three pages that display the functionalities: profile, teams and courses overview. This was a one-day design sprint, where I continuously discussed my progress with the team in order to make adjustments where necessary.

It was a very exciting day where I found that I can still maintain my focus under time pressure. It was great that my design offered added value in justifying my team's concept during the pitch to the jury.

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We are the next generation | Wonder

I am very honored and excited that our bachelor project Pink Story from Think Pink Europe has been selected for the exhibition of We Are The Next Generation! 🙌 This exhibition is part of Wonder, a creative festival in Kortrijk BE, where you can be inspired by artists' projects at various locations throughout the city. The expo is the time to get to know the next generation of designers and the themes that keep them awake. From architecture for the future to AR in gaming and from innovative product design to stunning graphic design. Our project is exhibited in Broelkaai in Kortrijk, come and visit us!