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Doodle hoodie

A soft black hoodie with my liquid doodle illustration, perfect for generating creative heat.

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TWEC app design

The Whole Earth Catalog, abbreviated as TWEC, is a book that Stewart Brand started as a guide where new technologies, tools and knowledge are brought forward in the most pragmatic way possible to enable personal development. The Whole Earth Catalog depends on a way of being from the 60s and 70s, but also on a hunger for information. I try to cross the boundaries between old and new and make the translation of a book to a smartphone app. The challenge is to visually translate a correct navigation structure. The user can endlessly swipe through articles and I design functionalities such as being able to save favorite articles.

Soundscape tune 'Lost Track'

Genre: Soundscape, Chillout, Experimental.

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Doodle Posters

There are new doodle posters available! This white poster with black print has a DIN-A2 format (42.0 x 59.4 cm). Send me a message if you want to order artFutova posters or stickers.

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Google Doodle

For Inventors' Day I made a Google doodle 'idea machine' animation in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

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Tree doodle stickers

I am very excited about my new stickers from my doodle tree design! Send me a message if you want to order artFutova stickers or posters.

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The waving robot

I had a lot of fun creating this character animation that I designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects.

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Black paper illustrations

I drew some portraits and animals with white pencil on black paper. I made these drawings based on the incidence of light. Hereby facial expressions and bright details come to life in depth.